The first prototype of the CYCLOS watch was presented at the BASEL 2001 World Watch and Jewellery Show. Since then CYCLOS has received considerable attention in the press.  After the first report at the trade fair by Timm Delfs in the "Uhren+Schmuck"-supplement of the "Basler Zeitung", the British magazine "Horological Journal" was the first to report various hints by Timothy Treffry concerning the CYCLOS and its new display system (May, June, July and September 2001).

Then a full-page report by Peter Braun appeared in the German magazine "ArmbandUhren" 3/2001 (page 52). An English translation of this report was published in the US-American "hr:Watches" issue 5/2001 (page 42).

A main event to date was the nomination of CYCLOS for the Innovation Prize 2002 in the German "Chronos" 5/2001 (pages 38+128) and in the Jahrbuch UHREN Chronos Edition 2002 (page 199). We were very pleased that the editorial staff of one of the leading watch magazines recognized the functional and mechanical innovations of CYCLOS and recommended it for such a prestigious prize.

Witold A. Michalczyk wrote in greater detail about the background of CYCLOS in "Chronos" 1/2002 (page 112). Megan LiVolsi published a two-page article in the US-American magazine "International Wrist Watch" number 52 (page 66). In "ArmbandUhren" 1/2002 (page 30) Peter Braun presented the CYCLOS Initial Numbered Edition.

A shorter report was published in "Detail", the Swiss watchmakers' and goldsmiths' magazine, 1/2002 (page 10), in Swiss retailer’s magazine “Gold’or” 2/2002 (page 10); further on in “europa star”, the world’s leading watch magazine, Europe Edition 2/2002 (page 98), in the Norwegian “På Sekundet” 2/2002 (page 18), in the Spanish magazines “Arte y Hora” number 148 (page 73) and “Nexotime” number 31 (page 29) and in Korean’s “Watch & Jewelry” number 180.

The Swiss leading magazines “UhrenWelt” and “Montres Passion” April 2002 (pages 32 ff) published a report by Timm Delfs about the four Basle watch brands including CYCLOS.

On the Internet we have "Public Forum" and "Insights", where CYCLOS has already been mentioned and discussed several times. Also other online communities such as, (in both CYCLOS was featured as Watch Site of the Month in May 2002) and others gave space for CYCLOS or installed a hotlink to our website.

After presenting the first assembled individual pieces at the BASEL World Watch and Jewellery Show 2002, the following media coverage could be recognized:
In “the Basel magazine” June 2002 (pages 40 and 42) CYCLOS was featured as “perhaps the most ingenious new design” by Timothy Treffry within a report concerning the Basel fair.

More features could be found in “International Wrist Watch” number 56 (page 74), in the Czech “Klenotnik Hodinar” 5/2002 (page 35), in Thailand’s “Watch & Jewellery” number 75, May/June 2002 (page 59), in Lebanon "Collection" number 12, summer 2002 (page 64), in the French-Swiss "Heure International" number 58, June/July 2002 (pages 39 and 40), in the  Parisian review "Le Bijoutier" June/July 2002 (page 42), in India’s “Trade Post” 7/2002, in Takeshi Matsuyama’s watch supplement to the Japanese magazine “Men’s Ex” July 2002 (page 54), in the Italian “Orologi da Polso” number 93/2002 (page 12) and in „GZ Art+Design“ Autumn 2002 (page 71). In August 2002 Peter Braun featured CYCLOS and its new display system in "ArmbandUhren" 4/2002 (pages 100 ff) in comparison with Angular Momentum and Otium. An English translation of this report was published in the US-American "hr:Watches" issue 6/2002 (pages 78 ff).

After presenting the production run and introducing the out- standing “Transparent Edition” at the BASEL World Show 2003 CYCLOS had again great echo in International Magazines as in Korean’s “Watch & Jewelry” May 2003 (page 4), in “International Wrist Watch” number 68, in “Orologi da Polso” August 2003 (page 66), in the Japanese Magazines „Begin“ Yearbook 2003 (page 57) and „Engine“ No. 36 September 2003 (page 156), in “europa star” Europe Edition 4/2003 (page 40), in "ArmbandUhren" 7/2003 (page 36), in the German "Chronos" 2/2004 (page 54) and finally in the technique supplement of „Frankfurter Allgemeine FAZ“ of 18th May 2004

In autumn 2003 the sporty CYCLOS „a.m./p.m.“ was nominated by the most recognised Swiss watch magazines “UhrenWelt” and “MontresPassion” for the Watch of the Year 2003! 

After presenting the „Parity Edition“ at the BASEL World Show 2004 with Fabienne Marchand, new features were published in the following magazines: „UhrenBilanz“ April 2004 (page 46), „Polo Quarterly International“ Spring 2004 (pages 14 f) and Summer 2004 (pages 32 f), in the American „International Watch“ July 2004 (page 108), in „UhrenMagazin“ 10/2004 (page 26) and in the Japanese magazines „Begin“ Spring 2004 (page 18) by Takeshi Matsuyama, in „International WristWatch“ No. 43, Spring 2004 (page 18 f), in the watch supplement  of “Brutus“ 7/1 2004 (page 19), in the supplement „Watch Ex“ of “Men’s Ex“ July 2004 (pages 28 f) and December 2004 (pages 28-29), in „Nile’s Nile“ No. 95, December 2004 and in „WatchSpecial“ of “Time Scene“ Vol. 3/2004 (page 18) and Vol. 4 (page 127). In Austria Alexander Linz wrote in „Presse Uhren Journal“ in November 2004 (page 54) for the first time about CYCLOS.

In autumn 2004 the „Transparent Edition“ was nominated again by “UhrenWelt” and “MontresPassion” for the Watch of the Year 2004 and was placed on 6th position by the Jury!

In December 2004 the CYCLOS „day&night Transparent light“ was awarded with the special price of the Jury for „Watch of the Year 2004“ by the Japanese World Wrist Watch and was introduced in their magazine Time Spec No. 73 (page 52) and pictured with a detailed report (pages 90-93)!

The German „UhrenMagazin“ published in No. 12, December 2004 (pages 69-71) an excellent test report by Gerhard Seelen about the CYCLOS „a.m./p.m.“ and gave the best note 6!

More features were published since then in Chinese „Chronos“ 1/2005 (page 74), in „Heure International“ No. 74, February- March 2005 (page 47) and in the Spanish „epicur“ No. 71, April- May 2005 (pages 12-13) and „Relojes“ No. 96, September 2005 (page 26). In Summer 2005 CYCLOS was listed for the first time in the price guide of German  „UhrenMagazin“  (pages 198, 215, 223), in Autumn 2005 in German „ArmbandUhren Katalog 2006“ (page 119) and in American „Wrist Watch Annual 2006“.